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超级修理工|宜婴纸尿裤价格Qifu goyang sat on his horse, commanding the army to attack the huns' last fort, ferocious face, with a burst of opportunity to kill, constantly angrily said: "kill! We do not want to capture, as long as it is men, young and old, all kill! Their women, cattle and sheep, wealth, all are yours!"Liang Xing with several xianbei generals around the fire, But the thief is mighty, Jin Lianchuan is not a city after all, With twenty thousand men invariably attacking, Fragile defences quickly collapsed, followed by a bitter fight, Those tu everyone, moon people, zero people and wolf qiang people as if crazy, see people cut, surging horseshoes, again and again will Liang Xing organized hand crushed, even tribal people also picked up the weapon at the moment, but in the face of these apparently war-torn hetao soldiers, the old, weak, women and children who stay vulnerable."Hum!" See wei kill, Chen Xingfei horse ran to wei, coss eyes flashed a wiper machine, take off the bow, draw a carving plume from the arrow bag, slowly pull the bowstring, until the bowstring was pulled to the extreme, suddenly let go.

With the remnants of the military forces, coss after a little recuperation, then overnight, all the way to meng jin, tiger fastened, meng jin, anyway, have a place."From today on, you are taiyuan county chief, but willing to work for me?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at jiang li, nodded with satisfaction."There is one thing, is my own guess, but still hope, general uller can warn khan. After a moment of silence, lyu3 bu4 sink a track.超级修理工|"Monsieur, look there!" Xu togeher with only a dozen people, nature dare not rely on cao camp too close, can only wait and see from a distance, at this moment, a pro-Wei suddenly pointed to the entrance of cao camp in the distance.

超级修理工|Just falling in grant are very clear, d the eight thousand military forces south, can't be d their own personal will, lyu3 bu4 governing the military, and the prestige of the army, even d again wild, can't take away eight thousand troops without permission.In the distance, is sprinting lyu3 bu4 heard the sound of the male broad sea, face a change, a wave of hands, five thousand elite cavalry behind slowly stopped the charge.

"Barbaric, rude, and overbearing, but there is an image of the Lord!" Pang tong gave himself a mouthful of wine, narrowing his eyes and laughing, "his character is strong, but at the beginning of the slaughter of the family, you can see, I heard that he was in xuzhou, was betrayed by the family and play, so with a hatred of the family.""Yes." Giffin looked at them, solemnly said: "master ready before leaving, give me a title of generals in ancient times, master is not in, this order can be used once."Chapter 37 aggressive超级修理工|




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