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茂名就误伤市民道歉51搜了网The most let call hutch springs humiliated is now, he still doesn't know this suddenly appeared in the hetao of the han people exactly what origin.A tarpaulin camp will be divided into two inside and outside, when lyu3 bu4 into the inside, is seen on the couch, a woman tied to the couch."Father, I want to stay." Addis hesitated.

"Arrows!" D fiercely waved."General don't bother." CAI wenji nodded slightly, returned a gift, looked at lyu3 bu4 said: "since the husband has important business, my body first retired."Jian'an four years, governors under the eyes of the day, all by cao cao and lombardi is about to open the war, in the northwest land, a scale no less than the battle of guandu, and historical significance no less than the battle of guandu also quietly spread out.茂名就误伤市民道歉"Why don't you carry it back?" Lyu3 bu4 glanced at Zhou Cang.

茂名就误伤市民道歉"Nothing." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 laughed and said: "for the world, but not just a battle will, otherwise the king would not have committed suicide on the wujiang river."But there's a lot going on with Santa these days, Obviously can feel, in the territory of the recent exchanges of many aliens have a lot of discomfort, in a few days, because of the sale of uneven and conflict than in the past increased a lot, even if Santa killed hundreds of people in a few days, are unable to settle down, the worst is no doubt tu each person, I heard that tu each person has recently changed.

This was the way the Hu fought, Is also suitable for cavalry siege, At the beginning, lyu3 bu4 is to break shu county, capture Ling Cao alive, Now, d follow suit, For a while, but also make liang xing caught off guard, unfortunately, different from lyu3 bu4 situation at that time, now the regionalization has thousands of people guarding, sufficient hands, after the loss of many soldiers, liang xing life wall garrison scattered, at the same time to shield, when d's siege team arrived at the gate, with rolling wood and stone, a moment, siege team lost heavily, helpless to return."Naturally." D cold hum 1, proudly looked at lyu3 bu4, martial arts lost, he didn't want to even be despised by this person, lang track: "to kill then kill, d never surrender!""At least you won't see that day!" Mention d, larocca eyeground can not help but flash a touch of cold, sneer at 1, the silver gun a throw, draw saber from horseback, marten lean, boiling blood splashed on his body, but didn't know it, turn over and dismount, the head of Matthew also cut off, throw to the attendant: "hang in the city head!"茂名就误伤市民道歉




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