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硅酮胶果珍瘦Compared to lu bu this time move, Chen GUI's death while in many celebrities feel angry, again only when they are ready for lyu3 bu4 criticism, found that many people have no language, they can think of abuse and disapproval, long time ago has been all used, lyu3 bu4 poses no impact at all.Zhang lu to teach the people, to govern the autocratic situation in hanzhong, has been a good result, little unrest, but with the influx of these qiang people, the influx of qiang people do not believe that the wugou rice to teach that set, plus the rejection of the qiang people, make this period of time zhang lu was all these things.Lyu3 bu4 smiled, but did not answer words, father and son solved lunch, and in chang 'an city after a circle, only to return to the house.

"Lord! Yang song was held in Yang ang's arms, stretch out his hand to pull zhang lu's sleeve, shibuya said: "the army without the heart of war, no fight, war together, the people what gu? Drop!"Jizhou, yecheng.However, even though Confucianism is now only one of the many schools in chang 'an, it is definitely higher than the famous scholars in the central plains in terms of international status. This is why the Confucianism has made a fierce fight recently, but it has ignored the solicitation and incitement from the princes of kanto. In short, you are not qualified.硅酮胶"Poof ~"

硅酮胶"Just look at lu bu's attitude towards foreigners these years, if not let baiji destroy the country, lu bu will not give up!" Xun yu stood up and sighed: "if your majesty ordered lu bu to stop attacking baiji at this time, my minister thought that lu bu would not only not respect him, but also intensify his efforts. At that time, your majesty's majesty will disappear!"On the flag that wave, a dou big zhao word lets yu ban understand the identity of bearer, lyu3 bu4's that sweep across liaodong, horse treads wu huan's general, zhaoyun!This is better than sun hae-chan more difficult to deal with characters, closed in ban see YuanMen soldiers were shot dead, intensive JianCu is almost uninterrupted toward the barracks shrouded come over, not as cunning as gan ning, but pressure to jun out of breath, watching each other close, in the sad found, whether this kind of style or zhaoyun play, there is no way to yourself, for your more sadly, seems that he was through."Some families keep secret books in secret, perhaps secret codes, to keep secrets from being stolen." "Said one staffer, hesitating.

"Pick up chopsticks." After confirming the safety of the food, lu ignored lv zheng's frightened expression.Not only here, but also from other directions, the other side seemed to have no intention of attacking the city, but began to build a fence arrow tower. The whole yicheng district suddenly seemed to be an inner city.< / p > < p > zhao DE's complexion all of a sudden dark down, although he is not what famous, but not stupid, the other side did not hide their purpose, is the siege of yecheng, and then strike the idea of reinforcements.Early in the morning, the sound of hurried hoofs broke the dull xu chang, just opened the gate of the soldiers, far away to see the end of the official road, a distressed cavalry team flying towards this side, the broken flag, can vaguely identify xiahou two words.硅酮胶





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