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广师后院|医院网站托管Want to break bureau, break these old family to shu zhong monopolize, expect liu zhang to be able to see clear reality besides, use all sorts of means to fight with old family like liu yan kind step by step besides, can seek foreign aid only."Bang bang bang ~""Come, tell munda to come to me!" After thinking for a moment, liu zhang's eyes a bright, has a candidate, immediately lang voice called people came meng da consultation.

Lyu3 bu4 have to rejoice, he advocated the competition between schools of thought contend now hundreds of atmosphere has been formed, the ministry is to take the military and scoring with the bread of the craftsman, is good enough to stimulate the creativity of these craftsmen, otherwise, the complacency once appear among the builders, that lyu3 bu4 xiaohong, the aim of has lost its meaning.Hit now, cao cao to break the luoyang is no longer what hopes, but he needed a victory to exciting, however, especially in important regalia, cao cao need a victory to deter the warlord, consolidate their political status, and morale, tell everybody, lyu3 bu4 is not invincible, at any cost!"It is true that the secret decree originally gave wang Yin to liu jingsheng, but liu jingsheng was already dead at that time. The duke was also a relative of the han family, so it was reasonable to give it to the duke." Ma liang puzzled to look at zhuge liang, he felt zhuge liang some too careful.广师后院|Then cao cao placed wang Yin in a special tent and asked the princes to choose 200 soldiers to guard the song mountain.

广师后院|"Do something! Cao cao shook his head, he is now no way to think about, but the injured soldiers, must be saved, as the benefits of soldiers in guanzhong plain began circulating in the whole world, that in spite of the foot soldiers and the beauty of life and death days have already gone, good nature is men is more authority, has a strong cohesion, the harm is also significantly - money!As liu bei pacify xiangyang, the world seemed to enter the peace period, although everyone knows that the I'm afraid I can't lasting peace, for the war era people, though, if only for a short peace, is also a good thing, as time into sussing out thirteen years of winter, governors thoroughly into the rest of the stage, but the atmosphere of the war, like the cold north wind, all people in my mind, even after years of training and development under the guanzhong lyu3 bu4, enough prosperous, but the news came from the kanto peddler unceasingly, also let the guanzhong people can not help but worry about the war could erupt at any time."Son just want to say, lu bu know this matter, but did not stop, even sent people to congratulate, that lu bu has enough confidence to face the cao liu coalition at the same time, son thought, lu bu's strong, even strong than the strong qin, at this time the princes concentric, victory is not yet known, the commander will always focus on jingzhou, whether too...... "

"I'm afraid what these generals are saying is true." Deng xian frowned. "ling bao I'm afraid... ""Wouldn't that be nice? Zhou an puzzled look at zhou yu."General, if you die in battle, who will protect the Lord? ?" Xing daorong not according to way: "the general is gone, the general is dead here, for the Lord, in addition to the loss of the general, there is no meaning, and do not leave useful body, the next day to kill the enemy, will make good atonement!"广师后院|




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