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次新股有哪些欧格兰果蔬奶茶"Don't be careless." Lu su didn't sleep last night, are worried about guan yu will take the opportunity to attack at night, a night without a thing, will he boil a suffocating."There is no such signal, we and general Xie Yun they agreed to raise a fire for the number!" Xie Cheng frown way."Zhang Fei?" Wei yan get department in the future, smell speech can't help but wonder, he naturally know zhang fei, it is with lyu3 bu4 fight fierce people, but the battlefield decisive battle is different from the front fight will, murphy that zhuge liang has come up with a solution to even crossbow, otherwise how dare you let zhang fei only brought five thousand military forces to drown?

Thought of the three-thirds of the world policy, he set, now has become a bubble, without the shu, even if take jiangdong, in the face of lyu3 bu4, I'm afraid it's also a matter of time."Here!" Zhang Renwen speech, hand led the way.Wei Yan: "…"次新股有哪些"I had no idea that the little lord, though young, had this plan in mind." Will send the news, pang tong not with a wry smile to the method is, they like lyu3 zheng this age, but not the ability.

次新股有哪些"Send our orders, each camp will keep the city, without my generals, no one can go to war without permission." Zhuge liang smell speech, but shook his head, if only wei three thousand soldiers, zhuge liang is dare to let zhang fei once again, but pang tong brought but shu army, troops even pressure themselves, in this case, offensive and defensive transposition, defensive side instead more advantage.Ma Su was carried by the crowd don't know where to run, just at the moment, but a blank in the mind, until now, he also don't know exactly where the problem is.Guan yu a knife failed, a pull reins, horses on the ground played a turn, the knife borrowed the horse potential, mercilessly a knife according to tardif again.

For cao cao atmosphere gave up the ownership of jiangdong, xun yu is more appreciated, in this way, can promote the relationship between the two, at least before lyu3 bu4 was destroyed, the two can maintain a closer relationship, reach an offensive and defensive alliance, against lyu3 bu4.Said guan yu finally not easy to fight, look back, but see around only less than five hundred military forces, thirty thousand troops almost wiped out, after the first world war, jingzhou is also vitality hurt, guan yu dark hate in the heart, he left twenty thousand military forces in Yinling to consolidate food for himself, the moment with the troops went straight to Yinling.次新股有哪些




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