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加藤リナ|新曲美效果怎么样Xu togeher as one of the four counsellors of lombardi, As a matt of principle, Even if not as respected as the native cremation of the Tian family, Also not to be snubbed, but xu togeher although talented, just character greed, usually not less use of their hands to ask for bribes, so in lombardi's four counselors, xu togeher is the most unpopular one, but xu togeher this person, have eyes, can't touch, he is absolutely not to provoke.In a word, but in the heart of xu togeher sounded a thunder, xu togeher murmured: "yes, the world is big, governors everywhere, is there no room for me?"Lyu3 bu4 here, is to January 10 stone to pay, one hundred and twenty stone, before, has been a satrap-level salary, and magistrate, in the system of officials, and county commanders these belong to the lowest level of officials, and then up, satrap, the main book, don't drive the state secretariat of the following officials, than in previous years the han dynasty official system has not a small promotion.

Under the same sky, jinyang, satrap mansion."Quick, close the door!" Two panicked HeGan warriors want to close YuanMen."At the end of the day!" Pound, Liao Hua two people smell speech bow way.加藤リナ|"Ten thousand is already here." Breathe a sigh softly, step degree root raised his head, looked at the broken tribe in front of him, with a little mockery: "Most of the rest is some old people, women and children, how much fighting power?"

加藤リナ|Outside the camp, several night-patrolling cavalry roamed aimlessly about outside the camp, guarding against possible enemies."Khan is inside, please temuzhen adult go in by himself." The maid reached for a lead, to lyu3 bu4 way.A quarter of an hour later, is preparing to close YuanMen he cadre soldiers suddenly felt the ground unprovoked tremor, startled looked up, but saw the distant hills, suddenly fight out a tiger cavalry, a piece of black with a pentium momentum toward this side.

"Your excellency, how dare I deceive you?" Uncle Akun's face a touch of bitterness, shook his head and sighed."Enough!" Xu togeher stared at cao cao fiercely and said, "don't keep it from me. You've run out of hay in your army." Said will rob from cao cao there documents handed to cao cao.Canyon west slant, guarding the city of the soldiers nervous hold on to the weapons in their hands, looking at the distant mighty smoke, look around, the cavalry rushing to the mountains, like a monstrous wave of anger, and jinyang city, at the moment is like a boat in the rough waves.加藤リナ|




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