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stockings喵喵潍坊黄页Li yan shook his head, some heavy in the heart, for the past six days, pound did not send troops, is not to think of a way to deal with the trenches? Just want to break the head, li yan also can't think of each other at a time exactly what to do?As a result, early in the morning of the fourth day, Guan yu attack, the speed of the city, even guan yu himself some Meng, guarding city soldiers panic on the city, the result has not yet stood firm, the wall has been taken by guan yu, lu su just finished wearing, guan yu has broken the gates, into the city, and know the other side of the reason for so lax defense, guan yu also have a feeling of crying and laughing.Not only blanc, wu shut, are in a kind of inexplicable excitement, over the years, has been training troops, training them all soon vomited, watching others get merit, promotion, and they can only count ants in addition to training, such a day, finally come to an end.

"Then give me another military forces, I don't believe, those new shu army can also be compared with the guanzhong elite. Zhang Fei refuses to accept the airway.Inexorable strong bow crossbow, in front of these trenches ate shrivelled, make all the guanzhong soldiers hate teeth itch, but helpless."Calm down, calm down!" Pang tong pacified: "the more urgent he is, the more we can't hurry, don't smell a rally, then decline, three and exhausted, although don't have to wait three times so long, but also will he this rally of energy first consume a consumption, general zhang ren, please point ten thousand steps army elite, good health trim, tomorrow out of the city battle, also let me see kongming trained jingzhou army have what battle force?"stockings喵喵"Who sent the letter?" Zhuge liang result letters, casually asked.

stockings喵喵Xing Daorong stood under Yuanmen, pointing his sword at Tardif and others and laughing, "Didn't you want us to open the door, Jiangdong rat? Now Yuanmen is open, where are you going?"Wei got cheap, which will continue to stay here, a knife, rush forward, to avoid the other side of the bombardment, from the horse took off even crossbow, toward the sand mo ke an arrow shot."Wu Chin?" Cheng Fang frowned. "What's he doing here so late?"

Sun Quan smell speech, Painfully closed his eyes, liu bei to attack, cao cao again in LuJiang LiMa LiBing, wanted to land the first world war with guan yu, not necessarily without a chance of victory, but at the moment, with cao cao, danyang fifty thousand military forces will not be able to move lightly, but in this way, under the two sides of the attack, the force is insufficient jiangdong, how to withstand the double pressure from cao cao cao and liu bei?"Master, lyu3 bu4 king, I'm afraid the next is to crusade against the central plains." After into SiKongFu, xun yu frown at cao cao.Zhuge liang slightly moved, let pang tong block himself.stockings喵喵





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