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破风文学|搜网Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders."I..." Zhang Fei stared, Want to speak, but this time, zhuge liang's attitude is quite resolute, seriously looked at zhang fei way: "wingde, this war is of great importance, not half a point, the pang tong, law is all wise men, each has his own strong points, and now has occupied chengdu, both troops and money, are far better than me, related to the master's business, can't let them have a chance."For father sometimes style, lyu3 zheng is quite disagree with.

"Poof ~" blood splash, although hiding in time, is still Wei Yan a knife in the chest and abdomen opened a foot long mouth, blood gurgled out, if not he avoided in time, this knife will be able to open his belly."Know a fart, don't take long, such as general guan after jiangdong, the sun quan children even regret the opportunity to have no." Another general sneered.Many times, The more complex the problem, Often is the simpler the mind the easier it is to think of, rattan shield defense more than wood shield, and the texture is very light, indeed even if add a layer, for the soldiers, also don't have too much impact, but the defense is equal to double, so, don't say completely, but the guanzhong army crossbow can cause damage will be doubled.破风文学|"General Xing Daorong has been slaughtered by tardif in the harbor!" Drink stop jingzhou soldiers to see guan yu, as if to see the backbone.

破风文学|"Hey, Mr. Kong Ming big tone!" Wei Yanwen speech, can't help but sneer at a track.A simple trial-and-error battle, It doesn't say anything, And then there's the aftermath, Yan Yan counted the losses after returning to Dianjiang, Heartache found out that eight thousand military forces out of nearly two thousand people, and the damage to each other, is very few, such a huge proportion of war damage let yan yan in addition to secretly scold wei timid, dare not play contact with him, also has no meaning, even without regard to the injury on the body then wrote a war paper to send to jiangzhou."Here!" Jiangdong people chorus promised, this period of time, but eat up the trousers of guan yu, now also finally able to exhale.

"Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way.Zhang ren and others smell speech also don't know how to express their feelings, the moment they retreat, go to rectify the military forces, ready to fight with zhuge liang army in the future."Sit down!" Xie Cheng discontented glanced at his nephew, cold hum a track.破风文学|




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